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The Lobby

There will be a larger than usual number of pics posted here showing the lobby from various perspectives because it is so remarkable in the craftsmanship and beauty displayed. There would be few if any buildings in Washington DC that would surpass the lobby of this building. Our goal was to capture its grandeur as much as possible.

It is possible that people who used that bank for years may see things in these pictures they had never noticed before and even some who worked there may see things they hadn't noticed as well.

There is a difference in lightening between some of the pictures. When we began not all of the overhead lights were on yet. We do apologize.

Just inside the inner doors. looking back outside.

Ready to enter the lobby. If you look up before opening the inner doors you see the skylight in the ceiling of the lobby.

Stepping inside and offering a quick glance upward.

The floor just inside the inner lobby doors.

Looking straight ahead

Moving your head slowly to the left and slightly upward.

Once inside the inner lobby doors if you turn to your left you see this in front of you.

Take a few steps forward and you are in front of the managers office on your left.

Standing in the manager's office, once more looking to the left and upwards.

Looking to the right.

Enjoying the office overall. Courtesy of Terri O'Hara.

Courtesy of Terri O'Hara.

Stepping back outside the Manager's office and looking to the right across the lobby. Courtesy of Terri O'Hara.

Turning left outside the manager's office and walking to the east side of the building. Looking towards the back of the lobby. Notice that at the far end there is a door back there?

As we look upwards you can still see that door back there. This is where I get to embarrass myself. I was aware of that door being there but I didn't pay any more attention to it being there and as I worked the lobby area I totally forgot about it being there. Lucky for those who check out this series of articles, Terry O'Hara and Juanita Ruffner did open that door and explore what was on the other side. or we would have not preserved the following sections of this "stunning Greek Temple" in our downtown. (Credit Matt Stewart for the stunning Greek Temple title).



Since I never checked out this section of the bank I do not know the exact sequence of these rooms.

The "DOOR". :O) Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.

Inside the door. Old loan officer offices. Courtesy of Terry O'Hara.

Courtesy of Terry O'Hara.

Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.

Courtesy of Terry O'Hara.

Old loan officer offices. Courtesy of Terry O'Hara.

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