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Another view of the used to be doorway to the Knowles building. This is next to the western wall of the building.

This is along the eastern or Washington street wall of the building. Through that doorway you can see the second floor heating and cooling system. You can see there is a inner wall separating that back area from the rest of the second floor.

As you look down that back area you can see those 3 2X 4's holding that exposed wall protruding out towards that back wall but not meeting it. That is that dressing/changing spaces.

Some of those dressing/changing rooms mentioned before.

Looking towards the windows over looking Washington Street. This is near the back inner wall of the building.

A nice view of the ceiling.

Looking towards the western side of the second floor.

Towards Washington St. That closed in area where the scaffolding is the staircase between first and second floors.

CONTINUE ON TOOgilvie's Department Store7


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