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First Church of Christ Disciples First Church of Christ Disciples was built in 1911.

History of Columbiana County, Ohio - Harold B. Barth Historical Publishing Company 1926,CHAPTER XVIII, CHURCHES, CONTINUED: With Rev. J. A. Brenenstuhl, of Steubenville, as the moving spirit the First Church of Christ was organized in 1888. It was incorporated the following year by Stockdale Jackman, H. H. Dixen, J. S. Scott, Thomas Lloyd and Col. William H. Vodrey. The same year a building was erected at East Fourth and Elm streets on a lot donated by the Hon. Josiah Thompson. The first pastor was Rev. B. C. Black. He served until October of 1891. On Jan. 26, 1897 the church was destroyed by fire. The members at once purchased Bradshaw's Hall on Broadway which, in 1898, was remodeled as a place of worship. All, including building, ground and improvements, cost $12,000. In 1905 the membership had reached 500, with Rev. J. W. Gorrell as pastor. Those serving between him and Rev. Black were Revs. Walter Mansel, C. W. Huffer and O. F. Reed. In 1912 a modern appointed church edifice was erected on the site of Col William H. Vodrey's home at College and Fourth streets. The structure includes a large auditorium which can be added to by a gallery and encircling class rooms plus the commodious Sunday School assembly room. A large basement with kitchen equipment and choir and office space add to its interior features, while the exterior, enhanced by large entrance columns, a long, wide expanse of steps leading thereto and capped by a huge dome gives the structure a compelling and imposing appearance.

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Magic Lantern #65. Ruins of the Christian Church after fire. Elm Street? Site of old parsonage.

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This is possibly the best modern view of College Street where used to go down towards Third Street in the Chester Bridge. That's the east wall of what was the Memorial Auditorium but is now the YMCA on the right.

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College Street looking north. The first Church of Christ Disciples is on the right.

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Looking back towards Walnut Street. That doorway in that building on the right was at one time state employment agency.

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The rectory for the First Church of Christ Disciples.

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