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The school population grew rapidly during the late 1870's and 1880's. There were 500 students in 1870 and 1200 in 1884. By 1886 the population grew to about 2,500 students. In 1882 the superintendent was paid $1000. per year; the high school principal E. B. Huston received $50.00 per month and the elementary teachers were paid $35.00. There were 21 teachers in the system in 1881. By 1894 there was a great need for a new brick building. St. Al's school reopened in 1885 in the Rectory. The first school building was opened in 1901.

Sixth Street School 1880-1956

Destruction of 6th Street School, 1956 or 57.

The above pictures are from the EL Historical Society.

There had been classes in the Neville Institute in the east end for some time. From 1838 until 1885 Neville Institute was under the direction of trustees as spelled out by the will of John Bever. In 1886 the East Liverpool Board of Education agreed to pay 2 months salary and the trustees paid for 3 months salary for the teacher at Neville Institute. At that time also a prescribed course of instruction was presented for the Institute. Other schools in the outlying areas of the city had been opened previous to 1890 West End or Seldom Seen, Ohio City sometimes called "St. George"! Grant Street and Third Street.

Third Street School. Thanks to Inger Lloyd for the above picture

September 1895 Central School was dedicated. During the construction of Central the school students had been farmed out to temporary classrooms which had been rented in the city. When Central opened there were 850 students in the building with about 50 in the high school class. There were 18 classrooms, a library, 2 recitation rooms, the superintendent's office and an office for the Board of Education. The cost of the building was $65,000.

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