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This article resulted from a email sent to the East Liverpool Historical Society on December 23, 2010.

East Liverpool Football History


[I] Love the East Liverpool website. I wanted to mention that my father-in-law, Dale Doland, went to East Liverpool (class of 1946??) played football for East Liverpool in 1945 and went on to play for Miami Of Ohio and played for Woody Hays (Ohio State Coach) there; Bo Schembeckler (Michigan Coach) was a teammate. Dale Doland was First Team All MAC his senior year, 1950, at Miami in the MAC conference. He played in the Candian Football league for one year before a knee injury ended his football days. Here is a link to Miami Of Ohio's website.


page 24. Also here is the MAC conference website and it lists him there as well on page 113


His last college game was played on January 1st, 1951 in Phoenix Arizona in the Salad Bowl now called the Fiesta Bowl.

I think it would be great if he could be included somewhere in your website

Thank you for your consideration.


Dave Dever

The above email prompted us to contact the historian for the East Liverpool Potters Football Program, Frank "Digger" Dawson.

Frank replied back as follows:

He was class of 1947.

[He played] on Potter teams that were loaded with talent. The 1945 team (which went undefeated with a pair of ties) featured an offensive line with tackles Dick O'Hanlon (OHIO STATE) Rudy Trbovich (PURDUE) Don Jackson (PURDUE) and Tommy Bell (FIRST TEAM ALL-OHIO). As a Junior, Dale shared Playing time at guard with Clarance "Bud" Means (LATER PRINCIPAL AT EAST JUNIOR HIGH) The Quarterback, Chuck Means went To West Point and Halfback Alonzo Spencer to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - The college career of each back was cut short by injuries. O'Hanlon played for Ohio State in the 1950 Rose Bowl. As a senior at ELHS, Dale Doland played on a team that carried over Trbovich, Jackson and Bell from the 1945 team along with Pete McCullough who played at Columbia (during their glory years) but the team went 3-6 (coaching change)

Confirmed! [referring to the two links provided by Dave Dever] The link also shows that he played for (or with) five of the greatest coaches ever: Sid Gillman (inventor of the West Coast Offensive) Woody Hayes (OSU Legend) and Ara Parseghan (ND). Also George Blackburn (later U. of VIRGINIA) coached Dale in 1948, Bo Schembechler (U of MICH) was Dale's teammate in 1949 and 1950.

Dale is mentioned prominently in "WE ARE THE POTTERS - A 100 YEAR HISTORY OF ELHS FOOTBALL", with six members of the 1945 team going on to receive Division One Football Scholarships, there is little doubt that this was an incredible time for ELHS Football.


Valuable substitutes in the game were Don Wolf, Lamphier Burton, Dale Doland, Chuck McKeever, Earl Wollam and "Scrape" Craven, all thankful to depart Steubenville Central by the skin of their teeth.

The locals featured great depth in 1945, their most unheralded substitute being Earl Haney. Freshman Chink Sullivan, along with Dale Doland, "Scrape" Craven and John Hughes, were also quickly inserted into the Potter lineup throughout the season, as was Don Wolfe.

Line play of the fabled 1945 squad warranted the highest accolades for ends Bill Cain, John Hughes and Bob "Potter" McGraw; tackles Dick O'Hanlon and Rudy Trbovich; Guards Tommy Bell and Clarence "Bud" Means and Center Don "Bulldog" Jackson. All had started every game with the exception of Martins Ferry when Means was replaced by Dale Doland. Three of the seven ended up playing in the Big Ten, Doland went on to Miami of Ohio, and sophomore Tommy Bell eventually became the second Potter named to the All-Ohio first team.

[CHAPTER 48 - The Golden Ring - 1945]

The most disappointing aspect of the 1946 team was that the record in no way reflected the tremendous talent of the individuals on the squad. Even more interesting is why Don Jackson was moved to a running back position with the availability of Chuck Williams, "Scrape" Craven, Dick Vocial, Ed Vocial and "Pete" McCullough, along with other capable athletes sitting on the bench. Seniors Jack Brooks, Bill Ruhe and Earl Wollam played very little and junior Bill Coburn, who would join the Air Force following the season, saw limited action. Also very little mention was given in the media to either Rudy Trbovich or Dale Doland, both starting lineman in 1945 and 1946 and eventual players at major universities.

[CHAPTER 49 - The Downhill Slide - 1946] WE ARE THE POTTERS "100 Years of East Liverpool High School Football" By Frank "Digger" Dawson

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