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Turning around and walking south along the third floor hallway. Where the man closest to the camera, Tait Hilbert, is standing is where the stairway up from the second floor is located. We will get back to the that in a few.

This should be the same room the furnace is in.

Still looking at the third floor. Notice the single window towards the front of the house and the double window towards the back.

This is the inside of that single window which is also the side window of the front room.

This is a room inside of those double windows near that back of the house..

Notice the double windows on the third floor.

Continuing our refresher course. Across the front on the third floor is one room in the tower and a room at the end of the hallway, The Central Building being a wider building would have had the third floor hallway run the length of the building with a room on either side of the hall way at each end of the building. This house had the hallway turn into a room at the front of the house.

Moving on down the hallway towards the front of the house on the third floor. The doorway leads into the room in the front and the door to the left with sunshine spilling into the room ahead is the door to the tower room.


This is the room in the front. Picture courtesy of Michael Strew.

The door there in the right rear of the room leads to the hallway. Picture courtesy of Michael Trew.


looking into the third floor tower room.

Tower room.

Tower room. Picture courtesy of Michael Trew

Tower Room

That single window towards the back of the house on the third floor is where the steps from the third floor to the second floor are located. The following picture is the inside of the room where the double windows you see below are.

This would be inside the double windows, third floor east side of the house.

Time to head back towards the back and of the house,

and back down to the second floor.

The bottom line is, in a house not nearly as big as the Central Building there are at least 3 or 4 rooms on that top floor. Thus it is not inconceivable that there were at least 6 rooms on the 3rd Floor of Central Building laid out somewhat similar as the rooms in this house were laid out.


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