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"Advertising" We have no idea what sort of advertising department this was.

Looking from the Advertising and Book Room, room. through a another couple of doors to the front of the building, the boarded up windows portion of the this floor.

Remember that blackboard? This is it.

At one time or another the Knights of Columbus were located here.

Just beyond that blackboard, at the far southern end of this floor we have a interesting room or maybe combination of rooms is a better description. We find this. Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.

So what is probably technically the end of the hallway you find a fireplace and to the right of that is this room below.

Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.

Which contains this piano. Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.

Stairway from 3rd floor to 4th floor.


Once upon a time this was a union headquarters.

Turnabout is fair play. Juanita caught me this time. A little better view of the ceiling are here. Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.

That is one ladder we did not venture up. It was a way to the roof. However we had already seen the roof when we had been on the 5 & 10 building. Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.

Altman Building 4


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